Tom yum noodle soup

I find this such a welcome treat for a bit of time out from work – it’s swift to make but packed with flavour. Noodle soup is probably best eaten away from the computer, so take this excuse to have a break from the screen and savour some amazing Thai flavours in just 15 minutes….


Butternut squash dhal

An easy curry to make in a big batch – and tasty too. The butternut squash gives this dhal a sweet kick and is perfect for adding another vegetable to your daily intake. Both spicy and filling, this is a great meal to warm you up and boost your energy when you most need it…

Pancetta, mushroom and spinach frittata

If eggs aren’t one of your go-to ingredients for a quick lunch or brunch, they really should be. This frittata is full of veg, super quick to make, and can be eaten hot or cold. Just perfect for fitting in around the demands of your work. Make in 10 minutes Serves 1 Gluten-free Ingredients 1…